June 2020

As expected, June was rich with doodles, turns out not showing anything to anyone helps collect items. Apologies for the late update! Cammy poked me enough and I finally got around to it uwu

Let’s start with Pennyverse. I remade Catherine’s refsheet this month, as I was never happy with her old one, which you can still see on her toyhouse profile. She needed to be smaller and fluffier, and I think I achieved that… She’s a pink fairy armadillo after all, they’re pretty tiny, fluffy lads.

One of the lesser lads in the pennyverse world, but still one I like a lot. Charlie the coatimundi, a friendly, passionate guy trying to make it in the local political scene. He works at the mayor’s office and takes pride in his work. His vaguely shifty look is mostly surface level… He might leave you an I.O.U every once in a while, but he’s a man of his word when push comes to shove.

Daf continues to be one of my favourite ocs, to draw and just in general. Here’s a quick bust of him that Cammy described as looking like a portrait on the back of a book or something similar. I’ve been playing a lot with watercolour and pencil brushes recently, trying to create a real comfy traditional-inspired style, so I’m glad to have hit that vibe. Such a dramatic lad >:3c

Fantasy furs? Did someone say fantasy furs? That’s right, we’re back on that wagon and it feels great. Calelira has basically been entirely dropped in favour of something more fun and less confusing. We’re starting with a town, and this here is Titus, the wolven leader of the weaponry section of the town guild, in his younger, angrier years… He’s calmer now, you’ll learn more about him in future~

Another lad of ours, the son of a farmer with big ambitions to become a member of the guild. He’s still too young but that doesn’t stop him from practicing with his bow every chance he gets. Again, much to ramble about soon enough >>:3c

Last but definitely not least, this month marked a birthday for young Mon, so I had to draw him something as a gift. Thus this picture was born, with all our sonas and Mon’s signature cans of Tab. Again, playing with the watercolours and such, think it came out super fun and sort of illustration-y, it’s what a Somnolescent kids book would look like, whatever on earth that would be.

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