March 2020

Starting this month off with more neopets! This time a scorchio I drew using a watercolour brush I was testing out on Clip Studio. Looks like a pretty cheerful lad.

Wanted to draw a neopet but wasn’t sure which one, so I asked in Somnol what I should draw, and Cameron suggested a Candy Zafara, and thus, this drawing was born. Trying to imitate that texture was bit of a challenge.

We were discussing Neopets as usual and we decided that the issue with the vandagyre is that it doesn’t quite look like a Neopet. I took on the challenge and attempted to make it more Neopet-y. I think I did alright. Also check out borb‘s digimon Vandagyre.

Cameron did a stream on Neopets games, and needed some sort of replacement for the mari he usually has in the corner of the screen. So I drew cammaroo, think I captured his likeness~

Another test with the watercolour brush. Some random furry I made up on the spot I guess, not anyone I can recognise. I quite like the blues in this, actually. Smooth.

Redraw of a picture which was drawn on December 21st, 2013. Was feeling nostalgic, started thinking about one of my favourite games as a kid, Okami. I used to have a whole lot more old okami fanart, but I deactivated my first account :pensive: Either way, glad I still have this. Good memories.

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