February 2020

This was the month of Neopets, through and through. We played a lot of Neopets, I drew a lot of Neopets, hell, the other lads got in on the fun too. This uni was born from that. It’s an aight uni.

We decided pretty quickly that Cameron’s neopetsona had to be a Desert Lutari, and mine was already a Cloud Bori, so the natural conclusion is drawing soft art of them together~

I had this nuts dream which was basically a reanimated version of the snow miser and heat miser sequences in The Year Without a Santa Claus, but with the snow miser being an ermine and the heat miser being a wombat. When I woke up I immediately doodled the designs my brain had made up, still kinda like em.

Drew a Wyn and then just kinda didn’t use it for anything, I guess. I have many random Wyns in my files, ngl. Kinda like this one, tidy lines on it. Curious expression.

Found a bunch of highres textures and decided to play with them. Ended up with something that looks rather like an album cover. I was watching this at the time, and you can see the inspiration, methinks.

Spent a lot of time drawing OCs for The Pit in Cubesona’s discord server, where people put in OCs and you draw em to level up, putting in your own refs to get drawings back. Was fun, I should get back to it. This is one of several OCs I’ve drawn.

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