August 2019

Late again! Boy howdy…

Some gotdamn day I’ll get my shit sorted, oh my lordie. There’s a whole lot I’ve been very slowly getting done…

This month was mostly taken up by the Pennyverse reference sheets, which can be found here, so my offerings this month are meager. umu

Anyway! Art time.

Art fight thingy. Someone’s OC? I’unno. Rather pleased with the background, I think it came out looking pretty stylish. Plus the fur on the back legs, not sure how to describe it other than fluffy and good. Was a little rushed seeing that I had about a day left to draw it, but I think it came out alright, all things considered.

A last minute art fight I did against borb. And yes, I did win that attack chain >:3c. Is a Polaris using one of the many high quality words she’s learnt over the years.

While talking about character interactions, mostly Gonzo related, I doodled this. If you set off a Gonzo his first instinct is to hide, either by curling up into a ball, sprinting off at breakneck speeds or even building a little shelter out of twigs while rambling frantically about cave aliens. Seb is not amused.

Yes, yes I did paint a neopet. A kougra, as that’s my most recently adopted lad. Otherwise, was a painting practice based on and inspired by this photo. Just a whole lot of lovely colours and water patterns that I wanted to have a go at painting. I think it turned out alright.

Spent a little while thinking about an old character of mine and the world I had built when I was 13-14. It had elves and stuff like that in it. This lad’s called Dai, he’s a dark elf, he learns black magic, and he accidentally abandoned his best friend in the woods.

One of several Diesels I drew for the DeviantART group. He’s got a real smug grin and is dripping moisture, “the nastiest diesel to date btw” as Cameron wisely said.

A little animation edit I did of the Penny on this. I had to just guess the movements because I had no way of putting a gif together on my laptop while I was in France. It’s also a slightly different colour because the original one had an overlay and this one doesn’t. Otherwise, rather happy with it.

I ended August gotdamn tired, if I’m honest. September is the month of videogames and dumb doodles. Well, even dumber doodles~ Apologies for this being late! I’ll get back on track eventually… umu

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