September 2019

A cute lil pixel I did while testing a couple things. Mostly trying to get characters to hold objects and texturing. Think it came out pretty nicely overall. Cameron asked me to include this here because he liked it a lot :>

Another lil pixel, this time of my girl Kaplan! Figuring out her stripes was a curious experience, but I think it came out alright. Always good to try something new. Also the fluff, the fluff was also a bit of a challenge. Overall though, good stuff.

Please open this full size, it’s only a couple pixels larger than this but I had to shrink it to fit it on this page. Very annoying. Again just testing pixel-y stuff. Also was feeling the Autumn vibes while drawing it, as you might be able to tell~ Also, original flavour Caby in a dress? Unheard of!

First thing I did when I got the new tablet. Just a random winged, purple wolf. Looking rather bashful. Not finished because I couldn’t be bothered. But it was good practice. The new tablet is an in-screen one so it took some getting used to. Still rather pleased with the fur texture on the neck.

Me and Cameron were talking and I ended up with another little universe for our sonas to live in. It’s a simple one but I like it. They live in a cottage together, grow their own veg and hunt and wander through the forest during the Summer months. This is what they look like. Heavily inspired by Beatrix Potter, huge inspiration of mine.

Another comfy cottage Caby! The first illustration was done on my old tablet and this one was done using the new one. Can you see any difference? It sure feels different to use. Very much enjoying the watercolour style. Very textured.

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