July 2019

This one is super gotdamn late but ehhhh it’s here now. Will try to remember in future umu

Also this has nothing to do with art but I should be coming out with some photos and such from my trip to France ;P

I’ve posted this.. everywhere, but I still like it and Cammy still likes it so here it is again. An ascended Caby that eventually started a little idea with forest spirits that me and Cameron play with occasionally uwu. Other than that, was a fun and pretty simple little drawing to do.

Gotta have me a good lasaga… The original orange bastard that I’m sure Penny aspires to be. Round boy!

What looks to be a younger Kaplan being all smug. No I don’t know either, I didn’t think of it, I just drew it, don’t blame me. Anyway the pawpads are cute so I’m happy.

The last three are from Art Fight, which took up a large chunk of my time last month. It was super fun and I got 35 drawings done for people. Check my profile out here if you wanna attack me and therefore get attacked back next year!

Had some fun with the lighting on this one, wanted to make it look a little hazy and warm, early sundown-esque. Comfy.

I’d never drawn a kangaroo before so I decided to give it a go. I think it came out alright. The original OC didn’t look much like an actual kangaroo so I tried to mix real kangaroo anatomy with the style in the original refsheet. That’s why they kinda have paws. Oh, also, click fullscreen to check out the grass texture, I’m proud of it uwu

This is the one proper painting I did and it was pretty far into a revenge chain but it came out super nice so I’ll probably try more next year. Really proud of the general vibe and the grass detailing again. And the face, the face is nice. I’d like to figure out painting clothes better in future though. And like, merging the characters with the backgrounds so they don’t look so stuck on. Onwards and upwards.

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