November 2018

Some college work. The aim was to create the front of a cereal box in the style of an art movement. I used a mascot creature that I made up for the project. The art movement is ~art nouveau~. This is the version without text, because I don’t like how the text turned out. Warning, the finished image is a little big.

A younger Grigor and a babby Catrin keeping warm around a campfire in the dead of night. Concentrated entirely on lighting for this one. I think it worked out rather nicely. Love these two, I need to draw them more. Sweet father/daughter interactions. Grumpy old bastard/young ball of sunny energy contrast. Good stuff.

Another unfinished thing, how sad. Some random evil looking wolf lad who has either just murdered someone or cut his own face up. Perhaps both! I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Also a little grumpy capy judging how crappy the blood pool looks. Because that’s one of the many hardships an artist must face. General crappiness. umu

A sleepy badger in a sketchy, kids book-y art style. A favourite badger drawing of mine, quite honestly. Just a very chunky, fluffy lad having a good nap. I should try to recreate this art style at some point, it’s neat. I remember Cameron liking it too.

Designed a fossa dude and then never used him for anything. Still don’t have a use for him. So he shall remain just one nameless drawing for now, and perhaps forever. Poor lad. Anyway, still a pretty neat design. Fossas are cool.

I can’t remember the context for this. mari is the dancing queen now, we just have to accept it.

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