October 2018

Welsh mythical beast, part crocodile, part beaver, will eat fishermen for breakfast. Still very much like this one, the dramatic lighting is neat and the background, while messy, is nicely formed and merges with the creature pretty well. Spooky bastard.

Went ham with the painty brushes while listening to Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish, the uh, most popular of Cameron’s songs. Everyone likes Disco Jellyfish. Because it slaps. Anyway, I still think this one is kinda neat, considering I had absolutely no direction beyond vibes. And then I added more eyes because drawing the first lot was fun so I wanted to do it again. It’s mostly the face that I’m still happy with. So fluffy.

Had to design a cereal mascot for college, came up with this thing. Their cereal would have little star and moon marshmallow pieces in it. The top colour scheme is the neutral one and the lower colour scheme was for the “art nouveau” box, which can be seen on the November page. Made it all faded and dark, to sort of age it a bit. Cute little guy.

Catrin! A simple one. Her markings are fiddly to get right but very fun to paint. And how could you not love that face? She’s glowing!

The remnants of all the gotdamn Neopets I used to draw. A Halloween drawing featuring a Kyrii, an Aisha, a Bruce and a Kiko. All in their Halloween colours of course. I still think it’s a cute drawing. Can’t remember if it got into the art gallery on Neopets or not. And I cannot be bothered to check.

Drew the lads in their Halloween costumes for the festive period. My favourite drawing I’ve done of the lot of them. Good lads. Fun picture. Should really do something for next Halloween too. Don’t want people to miss out on Candy Corn’s once a year appearance uwu

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