December 2018

If you’ve been on my or the terribly cursed mawi page then you’ve seen this lad. Drawn on Christmas day, it’s the very first instance of Cammy in a flowe crown. And it was supposed to be a joke. :3c But golly did it suit him. So the flower crown stayed~

You know what I haven’t drawn in a good long while? My aliens. I miss my aliens! I really do. I should dig them back up and do something with them. Anyway, here’s a random alien. I was playing with my dither brushes and thought it came out kinda neat.

Wyn and Daf getting into a snowball fight. Need to draw these lads again. Also quite happy with how the snow turned out, although it does sort of stretch out endlessly behind them, like they’re living in an eternal void of snowy weather. Otherwise, fun drawing, still quite happy with it.

I hope this doesn’t offend your eyeballs too badly, it’s a redraw of sorts of a thing I drew in 2011. I was merely a bab, do not judge. umu Not only did I not have any understanding of colours, I also used to colour in on the same layer as the lineart and then use the blur tool on the white gap bits to try and hide them. I was the best artist.

Sketchy/painty thing of Wyn that I started and didn’t finish. Kinda like the fuzzy style I had going. Might redraw this one at some point, now that I’m more confident with my painting. Maybe even finish it this time.

Here’s a mari I drew. Probably one of my favourites, I think he came out looking very solid and 3D. Had a little fun shading the fluff, too. Good lad.

A Christmas present I made for our resident festive snake lad. All the other ones I drew are already somewhere or other but I don’t think this one is. And I’m pleased with how the KitchenAid Mixer came out so I wanna show it off. uwu

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