here are a litany of links to cool alternate dimensions on the world wide web:

sites descriptions
mepearl magical dead squirrel possum lady that asks for money and does psychic readings
zombietime "San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lurked silently at the back of the crowd, looking like a Mafia hit man, as usual"
bumpworthy dead(?) site that archives old adult swim bumps
973-eht-namuh-973 one man's web-famous terrifying spiraling html well
worlds 90s virtual chatroom program which is apparently a surrealist horror roller coaster that i have yet to personally try out
fa onion archive slow, sometimes broken furaffinity archive which has been an absolute godsend for me more than once. to choose your poison, add your favorite artist's name after "/fa/"
sentimental corporation based and redpilled man's spooky nsfw surrealist internet art project, i am not responsible for the skinwalkers that'll most likely eat you alive after clicking this
all dead mormons are now gay all dead mormons are now gay.
oocities old, and borked geocities archive
one terabyte of kilobyte age bloggier equivalent of the famous geocities bot tumblr thing
opossum society of the united states i wanted something nice, educational and cute to post :<
jenniverse personal site of one of the internet's oldest exceptional individuals, jennifer diane reitz, who made boppin'! for dos!
transsexual also by jennifer diane reitz, because it feels wrong not linking both sites. probably a more interesting historical curiosity if you're actually trans, unlike me.
gay america i just found this while skimming through the above side and it's too good not to include. the "teen" section feels kinda disturbing but i wish i could get a rainbow award.
winworld has a ton of old nifty software, even if you've probably only visited it to download windows 98 to throw in a vm because virtual machines are fun.
vimm it's pretty easy to just torrent an entire pack of roms if you want them but vimm is pretty great for downloading things separately. no pal/japanese only stuff but meh.
the-eye public tracker that has a bunch of interesting shit, even though i think 99% of the userbase just downloads roms.
osamu sato archive website dedicated to archiving the art of this man

here are some bodacious links to individual software application thingies (windows only for now because i'm fucking stupid):

programs descriptions
floodgap | overbite firefox extension that lets you browse gopher stuff in-browser again. by this point i'm pretty sure cameron kaiser is the only dude that still gives a shit about gopher.
dupeguru program that finds those devious duplicate porn pics you have lying around on your c:\ drive. only just learned about it and started using it but it seems pretty damn good
text 2 folders takes text files or some shit and lets you make a ton of folders with them. also something i've only used like once (for my silent hill wad) but also seems pretty damn good
bulk rename utility has an incredibly shitty ui but it seems to work fine. has an incredibly misleading option to buy a commercial license but i just learned it's free for personal use so whatever
oldnewexplorer makes the win8/win10 explorer suck marginally less girthy throbbing cocks.
bbzero blackbox for windows - the only alternate windows shell which DOESN'T suck, but it's super old and buggy and breaks uwp apps in win10. even this new version is like 3 years old, but if you can get it looking good it's pretty dandy
sharex windows capture tool which is surprisingly feature rich
wiztree a really fucking fast windirstat alternative. the embedded donation shit is kinda annoying but their company logo looks like a dick so antibody software wins this round.
tumblthree does a wonderful job of archiving tumblr stuff if you need to do that. a little late considering they have shitty robots trying to purge the site of wangs now, but better late than never
pcem full-fledged ibm pc emulator - if you can find the bioses for it, it does a ton of shit. unfortunately even on decent pcs it's fucking slooooooow but i got win95 and rct1 running in it and it made me happy.