about me

hey i'm prengle. i'm another gay, paranoid, autistic, masochistic, inept, unstable, furfaggy, sylveon dude doomed to wander the internet for eternity, complaining about petty things that he has no control over. i like morose cartoon animals, obscure shit, kinky shit, russian lit, dirty sounds, and dicks. at least, the idea of dicks.

unfortunately i'm a chronic procrastinator, despite being a student with a fucking buttload of freetime, but sometimes i do actually get shit done (typically out of frustration), which will hopefully be shown via this website. i'm the kind of fag with a loose definition of art, and i like my art homemade, crispy, and most importantly, honest.

i test this site primarily with firefox, vivaldi, and seamonkey using a 1080p monitor and windows 8.1. compatibility with anything else is kind of a gamble but i periodically test pages using debian and windows xp vms for shits and giggles. mobile is a mess but i'll try to make sure it's at least usable.

if you want to screech at me, i can be contacted:

edgy pseud teen