Name Description Version
AutoSite A static site generator with a full desktop editor. 1.0 Gold
Tomate A Pomodoro technique timer for classic Windows mobile devices. 1.0.1
ppc; wm; xp+
Pituophis Serve up and access data through the Gopher protocol. 1.1
python 3.7+
MKWii-RPRedux Share your lobby stats while playing Wiimmfi online. 1.1
Spotlight Extractor Save cached Windows 10 lock screen photos. 1.1
Clipboard Viewer Retrieve text and images from your clipboard. 1.0

These programs are retired, but still available to download on their respective GitHub pages.

  • Download Organizer - Groups files in your Downloads folder into folders by type
  • Launchdeck - Program launcher for classic Windows
  • Gopherit - Graphical Gopher client made with curl and a WebBrowser control
  • PhotoPage - Photo gallery creator

Web Projects

A simple, JavaScript-free YouTube downloader. Works on RetroZilla, and Opera Mini on Windows Mobile or Java phones. Download videos in wmv and mp3 format. (Hosted on Replit, so requires HTTPS.)
Source available for winvid on Github.
Try Gopher in your browser. Powered by Flask and Pituophis.
Gophermap Editor
Simple web-based editor for Gopher menus and Bucktooth-style gophermaps.
Memorize It
Generates memorization aids for a given script or text. Random Playlist
Get a random selection of 10 songs from the archives of
Hit Counter
A rudimentary PHP hit counter.
Craig Cam
See Craig 24/7/365!


Obsidian (5/9/2020)
This is a simple arcade-style Construct 2 physics game that hooks into Newgrounds' leaderboards. It's also available on
  • push: bounce the water and lava elements with the paddle
  • spin: rotate the paddle with the scroll wheel or A and D keys
  • collect: hold down the left mouse button to grab obsidian, but avoid lava
One Hour Game Jam entries page
Archived from an old site version. I participated in the One Hour Game Jam a couple of times for fun, though not a lot came of it.
gm8ice, gm5ice, gm4ice (Summer 2019)
Prototypes of a game vaguely inspired by Ice Penguinz on the late MyGameBuilder. Includes project files. gm8ice was initially a 1HGJ entry. I then remade it a couple times in older Game Maker versions.


Moodle: Jump to Current Section
Lets you jump to the current week in the Fordson, possibly Boost theme for the Moodle LMS.
Neopets: Auto-Copy Shop Stock
Copies your shop stock page's source code automatically and provides a convenient link to JellyNeo's shop stock price checker. Unupdated, may not work on the current site.



Discord Weather Rich Presence
A Python rich presence that uses's API.
WordPress Theme Screenshotter
I grabbed 1500+ legacy WordPress themes from the Wayback Machine's archive of, and set up a Selenium-based Python script to screenshot them all. You can find the full archive on MEGA. The screenshots directory holds all the ones without PHP errors.
Gopher directory mirror
An example of mirroring a Gopher location with Pituophis.


Donkey Konga 2 Modding
In Summer 2020 I took up an interest in working out how to get new scores into Donkey Konga 2. No full chart has come out of it, yet, but I made some progress and I hope the information is helpful.
TrackMania Nations Forever Replays
My A01 record is 00'24"52!

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