dotcomboom | One Hour Game Jam

The One Hour Game Jam is a competition (sorta) that takes place every Saturday at around 3 PM CST. When it starts, a theme is picked and you have the rest of the hour to make a game that fits the theme, where scrambling, chaos, and improvisations ensue. Nowadays when I particpate, my weapon of choice is not Unity, nor Godot, nor LÖVE, but the lowly Game Maker 4, which leads to some.. ah, well, interesting results.


6/1/2019 | Jam #214 (Ice) | Download | Unlicense/CC0

My most promising stab at the 1hgj. I've since reimplemented it a couple times in Game Maker 5 and Game Maker 4 instead of 8.



6/29/2019 | Jam #218 (Lasers)