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These are my current projects.

  • AutoSite is a static site generator made for building sites without all the redundant markup.
  • Tomate is Pomodoro timer for Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile and Windows.
  • Pituophis is a Python 3 module for accessing and serving up data through the Gopher internet protocol. It runs the Somnolescent Gopher server.
  • Mario Kart Wii Rich Presence is a small rich presence for Discord that shows stats while you're playing Mario Kart Wii through the Wiimmfi custom WFC server. It is written in Python and cross-platform.
  • Spotlight Extractor is a tiny program that takes daily wallpapers out of Windows 10's lock screen cache. If you see a nice image, load up the program and you'll be able to save it.
  • Clipboard Viewer is a clipboard viewer for Windows.

These programs are considered archived, but are still available to download on their GitHub pages.

  • Download Organizer - WPF program that organizes your downloaded files by type
  • Launchdeck - Program launcher for classic Windows
  • Gopherit - Gopher client that uses curl and a web browser control

The following are a few other, smaller utilities and demos in Visual Basic .NET zipped with their source code. Not likely going to be updated, but feel free to do with them as you please. Executables are in the bin/Debug/ folder of each archive.

  • Paintbrush is a very basic bitmap drawing example. 6/10/2020
  • Handwriting Tool is an application implementing Windows Ink. Was made for marking up and saving MSN Messenger handwriting. 6/14/2020
  • Days Since lets you see days since, or until a given date. 6/16/2020
  • Surround text in textbox is a demo for taking the selected text in a textbox and surrounding it with a prefix and suffix. 6/16/2020
  • RPG thing is a tile-based movement system test with collisions in pure Winforms. 6/16/2020
  • Pocowrite lets you write messages and copy them as images to your clipboard for chat services like Discord. gist. 1/2/2021
  • Tic-Tac-Toe is a game of Tic-Tac-Toe for two players. timelapse. 1/6/2021

Tools and plugins available on the Escargot page:

  • Multi Messenger Presence (started 6/24/2020) allows you to use any program as your Messenger status that displays information in its title bar. This includes media players without native integrations including VLC, Spotify and YouTube Music Desktop.

  • Web Status allows you to update and display your Messenger personal message and online status on a Flask backend.

More repositories on my GitHub profile.

This page was last modified 1/7/2021.

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