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I've been keeping archives of older site versions. They're mostly for historical interest, but have a look if you'd like.

  • v1 - "The Snake Shack" (2018-2019)
    • My first site while on DreamHost, circa late 2018.
  • v2 - "dcBe" (mid-2019)
    • This layout heavily used Gopherlens, my Gopher -> HTTP proxy. Alas, the Gopher content previously available through it is now gone.
  • v3 - water.css dotcomboom (mid-2019 through mid-2020)
    • This version adopted water.css in the autumn of 2019. Before then it had a similar layout to the site I had before moving to DreamHost. See this blog post for a full retrospective.
    • beta: A "sneak preview" version of the homepage refresh I did in April.
  • iweb - iWeb dotcomboom (May 2020)
    • Proposed iWeb version of the site.
  • v4 - XHTML dotcomboom (July 2020-)

Webapps and stuff:

  • Obsidian
  • Gophermap Editor
    • A Gophermap editor, originally linked to on the Pituophis page. Unfortunately uses jQuery.
  • SimCity 2000 Network Edition Legacy
    • A old SimCity 2000 Network Edition fanpage of mine. Although I haven't updated it since moving to DreamHost, I think the information is still valuable.


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