SimCity 2000 Network Edition Legacy

What is SimCity 2000 Network Edition?

SimCity 2000 Network Edition is a multiplayer version of SimCity 2000 could be played over LAN or the Internet. It has a different interface (more optimized for Windows 95 than earlier versions of SC2K) and overall is slightly different in playstyle than the others. All players (up to 4 playing at once) share a single city, and have to purchase land before building.

How do I play it?

Copies of SC2KNE are hard to find in the present time. Fortunately, much of the experience can be had on even modern Windows systems from the free demo and some patching.


    I've zipped up a prepatched copy for your convenience. It consists of:

  1. Download the prepatched copy and extract it.
  2. Run play.cmd to join a game, or host.cmd to host a game!

Note: Logging into an external server might take a minute or two.

PCGamingWiki and launcher

The PCGamingWiki has an article on SC2KNE, detailing some of the patching. There's also a launcher with a server list which doesn't seem to work as of writing, but does come with an updated server executable that lowers the lag from ingame actions. I have included this in the prepatched demo.

Notable Features