Other places on the web to find my work and contact me!

Discord - Pretty much online the whole time I'm awake. Apologies if I'm slow to answer you, it's not your fault, I gots the social anxieties. Known to lurk in servers :pensive:

E-Mail - For if you're old school~ I'm not great at remembering to check my email, so no hard feelings if it takes me a while to reply, just know that I will!

And here are some other sites I have accounts on;

Twitter - More active with this now, trying to keep up with vaguely regular updates, every day if I'm lucky, but usually several times a week. I reply to DMs here, if I see them, Twitter tends to not notify me of them,,

Toyhouse - Where I keep my characters, their bios and all of their art. Not always up to date, but a pretty good collection of stuff nonetheless. (More up to date now, thanks to the boyf uploading stuff for me, what a kind boy!)

DeviantART - The DeviantART profile is alive once more! I felt the urge to post to it again, and it's been doing well, so I'm using it now. I reply to comments asking questions but not notes.

ArtFight - A yearly event where I kick my friends' asses with drawings! You'll need an account to see my profile! I recommend checking this site out if you're an artist, though.

And here are some other minor ones: Artstation, Tumblr, MLP Tumblr, Newgrounds, Weasyl, and Furaffinity.