Heyo! The name's Caby.

I'm a cabybaba, aged 22 human years, living in the UK, more specifically Wales, and I love drawing funny animal people :]

This is my personal site, which I've kept (not just on this hosting) since 2017! I love old style HTML, table layouts, and saving things as GIF files in MSPaint for the extra crunch. Expect a little bit of everything that interests me here, I'm building up a catalogue of rambles and other nonsense.

Fixations: Guinea pigs! Also 70s music/fashion/aesthetics, aliens/cryptids, and any remnants I can find of early web fandoms.

Offline hobbies: Watching documentaries about absolutely anything, reading fantasy novels, and reorganising my plushies,,

Favourite albums: "Just Another Diamond Day" by Vashti Bunyan, "Witchhazel" by Matt Berry, or "How Sad, How Lovely" by Connie Converse

Current favourite video games: Elder Scrolls 3-5, Stardew Valley, Sims 2-4, Slime Rancher, and I like playing Minecraft with friends or my boyf!

Favourite food: Currently obsessed with sushi, but I also love any kind of pasta dish, brie, and chicken,,

Favourite drink: Does vanilla protein shake count? I like that a bunch.


Click the teddy above to see a page dedicated to the badger boy~

My Fursonas

A fursona is an animal character built to represent you, it can be the mirror image of you, or a character that you to relate to, or even simply a mascot. They can be more like normal animals, or morphs, which are humanoid, and mine are all humanoid to some extent. Some people only have one sona, but I had so many ideas that I've ended up with a few! Here's a short bit about each. :3

My furcode is
FR[capybara]2drw/FT4adrw/LR4adrw A++++ C-- D-- H- M- P++ R- T-- W- Z- Sf- RLA* a cn+ d-- e+ f- h-- iwf+++ j+ p++ sf
btw! You can learn about furcodes here.


Caby is, surprisingly enough, a capybara morph, and my main fursona. She's basically a mirror image of me but as a capybara, wearing the same clothes as me and acting pretty much as I would. Her physical appearance changes as mine does. She's 5'8 like me. I relate pretty strongly and just plain like capybaras, so they were an obvious choice! As a capybara she's pretty laid back, a big fan of the water, and a little bit slow in the mind... Socially intelligent but less so when it comes to academic things. Despite her being my more realistic sona, I do have some alternate versions of her, most notably as an innkeeper in Pinede, and as a forest spirit in a personal world.


Kapy was the second sona I created, as a more self indulgent sona than Caby. She's a big, strong strawberry Siberian tigress, playful and cheerful. Strawberry is a rare colour mutation where they have a light orange coat and orange stripes, it's pretty much nonexistant outside of captivity but it's so pretty I had to use it... She's mute, making mostly purrs and growls and emoting physically. She's also the tallest of my sonas by far, at about 7ft tall, which is about the length of a Siberian tiger. I dress her in whatever I feel like, though her usual outfit is a light blue t-shirt and blue jeans, good for lounging around in~


My most recent sona, a solid brown French Lop bunny, standing at about 5'4, because bunnies are small,, She's inspired by 70s art, fashion and aesthetics, as well as plush soft toys, hence her alternate design I made where she is a plushie! She tends to be the one I draw when I'm experimenting with art style and technique because of her simple and appealing design. Outside of that, she's the self insert I use for one of my stories I'm developing, currently called Wyn's World. She's not part of the story, I just wanted someone to explore that world with as I develop it. She lives with her boyfriend, Setter :)

Now these ones I'm putting here are anthro animal characters that represent me in some way, but aren't official fursonas, and are instead self inserts or roleplay characters for other worlds that I have interest in. For that reason, I've put them seperately.

Blivo Barabiri

My Elder Scrolls player character, a Khajiit of course~ She got her visual design mostly from me playing Morrowind, and her name from me finding amusement in the Oblivion title sequence. The part where it gradually zooms out from the title, it says "blivio" for a second, and that warped into Blivo! Her surname I found in a Khajiit name generator and thought was suitably silly. She was born to two Khajiit traders in Morrowind, and eventually ventured out into Tamriel for further adventure. She's a bit of a "hit first, ask questions later" type, though she means well and hoards books to read. Don't ask how she ended up in the plot for Skyrim too, I guess she's immortal or something. Think it suits her, personally,,,


Afan is my Pokesona, a pokemon character to represent me. She's a soft spoken leafeon who lives as a wild pokemon with her partner, mari, a flareon. Her colours change with the seasons, her leafy extremities turning a deep orange in the Autumn and Winter. She also leaves a trail of flowers as she walks during the Spring and Summer, and likes to decorate her fur with them, and mari's mane too, if he lets her~ :3

Caby the Gnorbu

Gnorbu Caby is my neopetsona, a Brightvale native and painted with the cloud brush, she's a cheerful and adventurous sort, and enjoys exploring the four corners of Neopia, almost always wearing her hometown's distinctive colours. She used to be painted grey, but those were dark times, and she's grown from that, her change from grey to cloud being a visual representation of her mental health improving. Her boyfriend is a lad named Cammy, who seems to either be a blue blumaroo or a desert lutari, he can't quite seem to decide,,,