February 2021

Wew, ten days into March already. Oops. All good though, better late than never, it isn’t the longest anyone’s had to wait for me to update this,,,,

So I didn’t draw a whole lot this month. My February folder is kinda sparse and sad. But! As a positive(?) I also didn’t post much of it, so I have plenty for this post. First on the block, an Eloise I doodled after realising how long it’s been since I drew her. A lot of lads that I need to draw more,,,,

Including this lad! Yep, drew Dai again, experimenting with the style I use for Pinede lads, I aim to make it a bit more solid and realistic, take more inspiration from the animals I draw. Think I did alright with that here, was nice to draw a bird lad too, don’t do that very often.

And more Pinede! Just some random rabbits this time, inspired by listening to an old Welsh lullaby. Did this mostly with a pencil brush and a watercolour brush, with a few strokes of a textured brush for the floorboards. Wanted it to feel warm and traditional. I still like this a lot, wanna do more indoor scenes. And more outdoor scenes.

More scenes in general, really.

Cammy and I have been playing a whole bunch of Stardew recently, including starting our group farm back up and dusting off the cobwebs. You can read more about that and see some screenshots by peeking at his blogpost about the whole things. At some point I started picturing our farmers as Bunny and Setter, and just had to draw it. Don’t like how Bunny turned out, but Setter’s always a cutie, so all is well.

An exciting update to the group, long time member Taywen has both got himself a fursona and started work on a site of his own. I won’t link it here because it’s still in the works, but it’s looking great so far. And he’s another lad who’s learning HTML as he goes, always good to see.

But yeah, here’s a doodle I did of his fursona, next to the reference sheet he posted in the server. I don’t know who the artist is, so I can’t credit them. The doodle is currently his icon :3c

And lastly, my absolute kryptonite as of late, Elder Scrolls. Most recently Skyrim, hence the dragon. But yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim lately, and having a good old time.

The scene in Skyrim where you capture a dragon and interrogate it, all I could picture was my Khajiit player character, Blivo, petting its snoot and getting all excited over being stood next to a cool dragon. She’s not very good at being stoic,,,

4 Responses to “February 2021”

  1. devon Says:

    Even if it’s so few of them, these pieces are really lovely. Bunnies are my favourite – really comfy, homely vibe and natural look.

  2. caby Says:

    Thankyou, devon! Glad you like em >:3c
    And definitely pleased with that one, the watercolour brush is always fun to use

  3. Cammy Says:


  4. caby Says:

    DRAGONS >>>:3c