January 2021

5-ish days into February and I finally get around to writing this old thing! A strangely productive yet unproductive month, I doodled a lot, mostly.

So after a bit of messing around and a hard reset on my Clip Studio folder (thanku to both Cammy and dcb for helping me figure out the issue!) I finally managed to get my brushes onto my new set up. I got a new tablet for Christmas, which is pretty hype. Not much to say about this piece, other than it’s a little faux-traditional Bunny I doodled to test my trusty watercolour brush and a new pencil brush I found. Think it came out nicely textured.

Another faux-traditional drawing, this time of Caby, drawn for my current about page on my site, though I shrank that right down and made it all crunchy. So, have the full quality one! It’s a little wonky but eh, suits the aesthetic, I guess,,,

Sort of as practice on my new setup, sort of just inspired by the thick, coloured lineart and shiny eyes on display over on Mab’s Land, have a curious lil chibi Bunny! Not only is this bizarrely different from my usual fare, I also gave her head wings. And by golly I’m keeping em. Not as a constant thing, but they’re fun to doodle, so why not?

Soooo Cammy and I discussed this idea and got rather hype about it. I made up a lil species a couple months ago, very creatively named “Slerrets”, they’re like a mixture between ferrets and sea slugs, with wild colours and glowy footprints, as well as the bendiness and general sass of ferrets.

And while we were peeking through sites we liked the look of, we started missing running a site with a mascot. And, well, perhaps Somnolescent needs one… And slerrets? Slerrets seem like a good choice,,,

Introducing… Bulbo? I think? Name is a work in progress… Anywho, he’s cute! He’ll most likely be appearing on future group projects, such as moving Seamounts to its own site, and perhaps some other ideas in the works~ :3c

Whoof, getting there now…

SO, I’ve been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls recently, as my recent site update might’ve mentioned,,, And during my adventures through Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim, I ended up with a PC that I became quite attached to. Her name is Blivo Barabiri and she has a Toyhouse profile which you can peek at here.

And of course, I had to make a counterpart for her for Cammy~,,, He’s a bard and a bit of a housecat, spending most of his time in the safety of their cabin and the meadows that surround it, always there to welcome Blivo back home after an adventure~ >:3c

Note the player credits and watermark down at the bottom there, for utmost old web furry aesthetic. I’m easily amused,,,

And of course, I couldn’t make a January post without mentioning our anniversary! Two years of cabycammy and we’re stronger than ever >>:3c

This here drawing was the first full drawing I managed to finish completely on my new tablet, from sketch to colouring/shading. It took some getting used to but I’m very glad I did.

One of the things I drew for him this year, two forest spirits moving across a meadow towards the treeline, nothing but moonlight and their ethereal glow lighting the way,,, Pleased with how this turned out, was a bit of an experiment colouring the background mostly blue, but I think it turned out nicely, very sleepy and a bit cool, neat contrast with the glow bugs.

3 Responses to “January 2021”

  1. Cammy Says:

    Is late when I write this comment, thinking about snuggling down with my Blivo, yeah,,,,

  2. caby Says:

    She’s thinking the same~,,

  3. devon Says:

    I always like how your watercolor-like drawings turn out, they look very realistic.
    Cabycammy piece is the best, great mood going on there