The Somnolescent Recap

March 15, 2019

Three months out from the launch of the site and we still stand tall.

I've long wanted to write some updates letting those of you visiting know what different members of the collective have been up to, and thankfully, we now have some news: carrot, aka Barbara, aka our hyperactive alien produce friend, has her site up! She's still pretty new to this site stuff, but it's a really good start. Can't wait for her to build on it some.

Still waiting on Taywen and mon's sites, the former being an IRL writer friend of mine and the latter being a coder and fellow chunky Mac enthusiast. Despite the shakeups, our collective is still strong at eight people total, and everyone's pretty busy this time of year. Group's just about back up to speed.

Beyond that, dotcomboom's been hard at work, not just with a BeOS-styled site redesign, but also with a Gopher library for Python called Pituophis (clever, that). We're looking to transfer Somnolescent's own server off Bucktooth and onto Pituophis in the future, now that it's got all the features we use.

Finally, capy and I have been floating between projects. I'm writing a lot more lately, both for my own personal fantasy world Calelira and for one of our group's shared worlds, the Pennyverse. A lot of the action happens down my Gopherhole (proxy courtesy of Pituophis, direct link if your browser supports it), so if you like reading, chase that down.

I also should have a new album coming out within the next month or so under my aphrodisiac name. Details to come.