Members of Silversun Pickups (Past and Present)

Brian Aubert

Brian Aubert—Vocals, guitar

One of the founding members of the band and its lead singer and guitarist, Brian started the band with Nikki after quitting "a friend's band" around 2000. Brian has been the band's main lyricist and is arguably the most visible member, appearing in nearly every interview and acoustic performance and providing banter and commentary at shows. He has a fairly androgynous singing voice, and his textured, explosive guitar parts drive many of the band's songs.

Nikki Monninger

Nikki Monninger—Bass, vocals

One of the founding members of the Pickups, Nikki's tout basslines and lightweight vocals tend to define the songs they're in. Nikki met Brian on a flight to England, where he found her stealing alcohol off the cart. She's the other most visible part of the band, usually seen with Brian in interviews and acoustic performances, oftentimes responding dryly to Brian's more outward remarks.

Chris Guanlao

Christopher Guanlao—Drums, percussion

Chris' drumming sits somewhere between Carla Azar and Animal from The Muppets, providing the angular backbeat that cuts through most of the fuzz. Chris joined the Pickups in late 2002, replacing their original drummer, Elvira Gonzalez. It's pronounced Gwaun-laow, in case you didn't know.

Joe Lester

Joe Lester—Keyboards, samplers

Joe was the last to join the band, in 2003, when Pine Marten's other two members went off to perform with the Radar Brothers. His synths and samplings have always been a subtle but effective part of the band's sonic arsenal, one that's only been growing more apparent as time goes on. There's surprisingly little information about Joe or his setup, and he does the least amount of interviews than anyone else in the band. Strange.

Former Members

Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy—Rhythm guitar (2001-2003)

Kennedy was the Pickups' rhythm guitarist (and Nikki's boyfriend) early on, providing an additional mess of delay effects so Brian could focus on singing. He appears on a few early singles and demos and on the earlier Pikul tracks. He was kicked out of the band for reportedly setting Brian's sweater on fire. He's since become a solo artist and is basically pure sex in man form.

Elvira Gonzalez

Elvira Gonzalez—Drums (2001-2002)

Elvira was the first drummer for the Pickups, and Brian's girlfriend at the time (hence the ridiculous "Couple of Couples" moniker that the band never actually took up). She has a really soft playing style; though uncredited on Pikul, her drumming can be heard on the penultimate track, "...All the Go-Inbetweens". Despite not being in the band anymore, she's still good friends with them, and appears as the doorwoman in the "Lazy Eye" video.

Honorary Members

Tanya Haden

Tanya Haden—Cello

One third of the Haden Triplets (anyone remember that dog.? The Rentals? The Decemberists?), Tanya played cello on many of the band's early tracks, notably on all versions of "Kissing Families" and The Fold Compilation version of "Rusted Wheel". She's still an active artist and musician around L.A. and is married to Jack Black of all people. (It is really hard to find a picture of her without him. Try it.)

Sarah Negahdari

Sarah Negahdari—Bass, vocals

Normally busy with her own band, The Happy Hollows, Sarah filled in as a surrogate Nikki when the real one went on maternity leave. She filled the role surprisingly well, from what I've seen of her.