The place, an experiment, loads of hoards, blurry photos, wonky lines, tiny pixel frames, broken fonts, rambling, the Style Bible and magazines in general, some nice design books, Muzyka z Wysp and what was trendy over there back then, deformed memories and daydreams of what I never experienced. Welcome to

>>20:04:23 I updated the outposts with new layout and selection of links. Probably will make new one to fit more of them, but I need to pick some more finds from my bookmarks.

>>03:03:23 a completely new homepage. I don't think I'll stick with one layout this time, just having fun with v7 and all of experimental layouts, graphics and illustration this time. Other pages will come in their time.

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If you wanted to know about this site, or you fancy seeing some works over there. Maybe you want to see some media. Out there are some thoughts or you can travel through the outposts. Or maybe you just wanna talk to me about something. Click on links in this text to navigate around.

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