It's my little corner of the net where I like to dump things I've made over the years. A lot of stuff will appear here, so take a look trough pages. More regular updates on blog and more on main about page.

January - October 2020 archive

almost a character reference same character 1 2 3 4

Font ideas

Idea 1 Continuation Other take Idea 2
mariteaux caby borb dotcomboom mon tesserae misery inspires matfloor
news notes

20:12:20 Completely new layout for new year, update about this up too.

14:11:20 Tempomary html blog is up, some things will be moved into main WP blog in the future.

12:10:20 Gallery split into separate pages, added some new and older artwork.

05:09:20 New layout done.

All works from January to October 2020. Not a lot of them - didn't draw a lot and felt uninspired or I don'r really want to show some heavily unpolished and wonky stuff.

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