Welcome to 2017! The year where my entire focus in art shifted from dinosaurs to sparkledogs, I only kept experimenting, I first joined Somnolescent(Though, this is long before we established this network and long before most of our current members came on scene. So, essentially, Somnolescent prior to finding its purpose.), I got significantly better at shading, and have I mentioned that my entire focus shifted and that this page is going to be filled to the absolute brim with stupidly colorful canines?

happy dog with featherbutt

What do you think those feathers are? Do you think they're an accessory or part of this dogs anatomy? I wish I had an answer. Anyway, I shaded this with brown because I'm a slut for brown tints in art, I guess.

I wish I could tell my past self that maybe she should've been focusing on drawing for herself and not for others so much. But hey, at least all this nonsense gave my artistic ability a boostershot.

anthro sparklebug

I started working with a technique where I'd paint the colors inside lineart? This took fucking forever, bro. Between me not being competent at drawing anthro bugs and me choosing this technique.

blue polkadot dinosaur

I drew this as a gift for a small animator on Youtube! Her name is JoAnn Raptorgirl and she's pretty much the reason I got into art. I saw her videos made with her old velociraptor ocs she drew and 9 year old borb thought, "I want to do that".

the same dog painted twice

A much more painterly-feeling drawing compared to the anthro bug further up this page. This is the same character twice, but at two different points along the timeline, if you will. This is Riley, but a more out-of-date version of her. Much less vision included.

dog with ass on fire

I still think this looks pretty cool, but also I see more problems with it the longer I look at it. FIRE ASS FIRE ASS FIRE ASS!

monochrome wing dog

My sparkledogs are improving! Anatomy is still questionable though! It doesn't look like this character has a neck under there.

stitchy dog is grump

Comic book, weird checker pattern texture returns. This time on a dog scowling because why not yknow? The more I stare the bigger the eyes become, good fucking christ.

I think I did this as a gift.

very happy alien critter

Y'know what? If this lineart wasn't so hideous, this would actually stand the test of time a little better for me. Despite that though? Still pretty damn cute expression I managed to pull off here.

This was a gift too! I don't remember what prompted me to draw this outside of that. I want to say Christmas but I don't think it was Christmas yet. Tis a mystery.

cotton candy dog

Not bad, not bad. The face gives me the impression of muppet though. I feel like this drawing is about to jump out of my screen and judge my sense of style in Mickey Mouse's voice.

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