Welcome to 2017! The year where my entire focus in art shifted from dinosaurs to sparkledogs, I only kept experimenting, I first joined Somnolescent(Though, this is long before we established this network and long before most of our current members came on scene. So, essentially, Somnolescent prior to finding its purpose.), I got significantly better at shading, and have I mentioned that my entire focus shifted and that this page is going to be filled to the absolute brim with stupidly colorful canines?

cat magician holding cards somehow

I tried to do a neat textured, comic book look to this almost and I still like that look a lot. Please appreciate the little animals on the cards btw.

This was a DTA(Draw To Adopt) entry I did cause I thought funny magician cat would fit in Death's Apprentice or something. Now I know I don't need that cause Aaren already fullfils the role of shifty cat lad well enough.

weird robot cyborg furry

My shading got pretty lazy for a bit around here. It devolved into weird gradients, but not for long. Don't worry. >:3

This is Eris, a funky cyborg lad with a screen for a face.

very fluffy frog dog

THERE! RIGHT THERE! You can see me get to the point where I started understanding better how to shade fur! Its a beta, fuzzy, blurry version of a style of shading we'll be seeing a lot more of as we move forward.

pink unicorn dog

My ability to color and have the shading follow those colors wasn't very good at this time. The fact my shading was so fuzzy didn't help either. At least we have that incredibly anime eye to make up for it.

This was a DTA(Draw-To-Adopt) entry I did and I actually won so thats... Its something. I named her Hailey after the comet cause space or something.

very nervous dog king

Really don't know why that one foot bends like that. Anyway, I tried to combine cell shading and whatever the fuzzy thing is, liked it, and never did it again. I'm telling you, experimentation. Some things stick, some things don't.

really long dog monster

I would get on baby me's ass for this having weird anatomy, but I actually don't think its my fault this time. The character itself had weird anatomy practically built into its design, so my drawing of them having weird anatomy too is just how the cookie crumbles, bro. I can't really blame my lack of anatomical understanding at the time for this.

this hyena is a smoothie

Dude, I was given this character to draw right, and I had to actually hype myself up to draw them because of all the specific details they had. And when I finished drawing them? Bro, I ran around to my friends like, "I DID IT I DID IT". You can just sense how much I was dreading these dumb leaf fur markings and how happy I was when I was done with them.

very scared puppy D:

Colors are a powerful tool when trying to convey a certain feeling. Here, I used red to convey a feeling of insecurity and fear. Combined with the expression, what you get is one of the most scared dogs I've ever drawn.

This one is of a Darkky/Duskky/whocares. May actually be one of the earliest drawings I've got of one of these. That sure is a fact that may be true.

dog with citrus colors

There's something very anime about how this looks. Not sure if it's the eyes specifically or a combination of things. Either way, something about the way I did the shading here specifically really blends well with the hair gradient this character has.

large headed kitsune

I had an excuse before for my bad anatomy, but I don't have any here. This is just me not having any goddamn clue how heads work. Look at this guy! He's a fucking shark!

Nice whites to separate the different bits though.

misty dog go heehee

Ah yes, Surprise, my weird, obnoxious vape dog makes his appearance this year. I'm not totally convinced he hasn't been stuffed here.

dog with a baseball

Just a happy dog happily holding a basketball. What more could you want out of life? My fur cell shading was strangely thick back then. Is it just me?

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