Written: November 3rd, 2021 | Taken: September 7th, 2021

It's time for another one of these! I went out somewhere and took a bunch of pictures I'd like to share, only there's a twist this time around! This page is both 2 months overdue(sorry about that...) and part of a collab with the good ol' badgerman. It was a very fun day that left us both exhausted, but sporting a lot of photos and a pair of plushies. >:3c My plush from the trip still chills on my desk as I write this.

I'll be splitting this up into sections since there's quite a bit of ground to cover. Please do check out Cameron's side of this adventure as well! He got some really cool shots that are exclusive to that page!

Party in the Reptile House!

You heard right! The house of all things scalie! I got some of my favorite shots here. This section is also gonna be exclusive borb pov content since Cammy didn't want to go in with me. >:3c

sharp looking lizard

I wish I knew what species this was because it honestly looks interesting to learn about.

nice snake

You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to search for red snakes with black stripes. I spent a good bit searching, but I couldn't figure out what this snake is. I like him though.

dwarf caiman

I was pretty bummed out that neither me nor Cammy were able to get good pictures of the alligator at the zoo, but at least I got this really nice photo of a caiman.

frilled boy

I'm pretty sure this is a frilled lizard or frilled dragon and if I'm wrong then I should probably feel ashamed of myself.

gila monster

This lad is one of only two species of venomous lizards in North America.

green tree python

Some animals I wasn't sure where to place

maxwell my boy!

It's a Maxwell! Not really, but I have a lad who is a maned wolf so it was pretty exciting to see a couple at this zoo. What wasn't exciting was seeing one of them pacing out of stress, similar to a few large cats we'd seen during this trip.

This zoo isn't a bad one by any means. It's just sadly a little inevitable that some animals get stressed out by all the families and their kids coming through. This guy was just napping though which is nice.

mountain lions

It's socially acceptable for animals to sniff each other's asses. It's just how it be.

prairie dogs

Aka, the borb exhibit.

nice monkey

Cameron got a much nicer shot of it, but at this zoo they had this monkey enclosure built with scaffolding like a construction site and it was both surprising to see but probably amazing enrichment for them.

Statues? Sure!

Scattered around the zoo are various different interesting pieces of architecture. Cameron shared some on his page, so I'll be sharing some more.

bear statue eagle statue komodo dragon statue

This picture was actually the first picture I took during the trip. Yeah, it wasn't even an animal.

ball python statue

And this was the last picture I took! By this point we were tired, hungry, a little bit lost, and my battery was running a bit low, but despite all that I still ran up and snapped a picture of this glorious lad. Bless him.

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