Written: November 3rd, 2021 | Taken: September 7th, 2021

It's time for another one of these! I went out somewhere and took a bunch of pictures I'd like to share, only there's a twist this time around! This page is both 2 months overdue(sorry about that...) and part of a collab with the good ol' badgerman. It was a very fun day that left us both exhausted, but sporting a lot of photos and a pair of plushies. >:3c My plush from the trip still chills on my desk as I write this.

I'll be splitting this up into sections since there's quite a bit of ground to cover. Please do check out Cameron's side of this adventure as well! He got some really cool shots that are exclusive to that page!


As the title of this section may suggest, there were SO MANY BIRDS. Like a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF BIRDS. You've got your eagles, your ducks, your penguins, it got ridiculous! And what I'm about to show aren't nearly all of them!

duck embodiment of murica

This was the most patriotic thing I saw that day.

relaxed pelican

For some reason they had a pelican in the penguin exhibit. I'd never really expect those two animals to be friends, but they seem to be chill.

so many penguins

Holy moly.

cool shot of a swimmy boy a whole lotta pink

This picture doesn't do justice to how many flamingo there were. It was a community.

pretty mystery bird

I have no clue what this bird was, but it sure was pretty shiny.

great blue turaco

This lad kept jumping from branch to branch. I caught him stationary somehow.


This lad was picking at the thin branches of that tree.

 the cock is curious

There were peacock all over this zoo, some in exhibits, some free roaming. Here's one looking very confused by the food in that bowl.


I distinctly remember this was a free roamer we saw relatively late into our trip.

the cock is white

Farm Animals, for some reason

Yeah, I have no clue. But hey! Inclusive?

many chicken

I like how that one chicken is looking down upon the rest. The leader...

mmm cow ram perhaps?

Two sets of horns? That shit's gotta be heavy.

sus goat

This goat looks like he fucked my dad and threatens to do it again.

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