Rediscovering: Big Black’s The Rich Man’s Eight Track Tape

Big Black's The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape

Warning! Not as good as Atomizer, so don’t get your hopes up, cheese.

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Rediscovering EXTRA: Pearl Jam’s Self-Titled

Pearl Jam's self-titled

Album inspired by a particularly good batch of guacamole. That’s not a joke.

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Rediscovering EXTRA: Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking

Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking

Making myself giggle with all the possessives in the title there.

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I Am the Warrior

The Warrior, FCed in Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0

Victory is mine.

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NoFEMBR 2021 Begins!

Let’s see how much I can get done before it gets too cold to bother (though I’ll still bother, of course).

Tags: NoFEMBR, Pennyverse, Rhythm Games, Stardew Valley,

A Message From a Nonhuman Intelligence

The original version of the FreQuency soundtrack rip artwork

FreQuency soundtrack rip now up and ready for download!

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Peak Scratchpad

A big stream of consciousness jumble about things I’ve been really wanting to post on the Scratchpad about.

Tags: Ancient Technology, Doodling, Gopher, Nirvana, Pennyverse,

I’m Still Fundamentally Disappointed in Gopher’s Userbase

I’m sure there’s good stuff to see, right? Right?

Tags: Ancient Technology, Gopher,

Guitar Hero II Deluxe: The Road to 2.0

DX, showing off the improved HOPOs, red SP, and author names

A very long announcement and update post I wrote for the DX team on the upcoming re-release of Guitar Hero II Deluxe. Now the notes are shinier!

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Exploring the Ultimate $ony Multi Loader, Part One

My custom demo disc using the U$ML

Or one flavor of it, anyway.

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