An Announcement is Being Made in Sound

Fuck, I’m so neglectful of the Scratchpad at this point. The second anniversary of making it passed on the 27th, and it was on my mind all day, but I just didn’t write anything for it. I think it’s because I didn’t exactly have much to celebrate with it. It’s only gotten fewer and fewer updates as time’s gone on, and I was debating archiving it altogether once the Rediscovering pile was gone.

As of right now, I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I don’t quite blog like I used to, but that can always come back.

Slowly but surely, 2021 comes to a close at long last. Rocks the 360, which I first posted about in March and said was “releasing soon” in mid-April, is actually finally out now. I put together a big swingin’ dick trailer for it and everything. Super polished, super happy to have the monkey off my back. Furdew is a couple spritesheets from being done. I finally rewrote all the text for that a few days ago and got it all implemented, so expect that in December.

I’ve got the same kind of frenzy I had back in 2018 where I really wanted everything I was sitting on or working on to either get thrown out or finished and released so I can move onto another stage of my life. I’ve long had a personal Trello board featuring Marc Andreessen’s weird not-quite-to-do-list, and I really like it and I think it works great for me, but right now, I’m just delighted to see it so empty. It’s great to be working on mods and websites and all this other stuff until you realize it’s getting you nowhere in life.

I need to move on, ultimately. It sucks really fucking hard to know you’re in the same place at 22 that you were in your teens. I’m not embarrassed, but lordy does it depress you. 2020, I ran on sheer spite. 2021, not so much. I’ve been unfocused, kinda maudlin, definitely slow, and getting more and more piney. This fucking world is slowly but surely getting off the coronatarian fear train that stole two years of my life from me. I see good things ahead, but I need to go make them happen.

I applied for some jobs around town. I’d like to have some money coming in and I’d like to see my girlfriend next year.

I’m gonna go collapse. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been sleepy prior to midnight. It’s nice.

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