GHE:360 Releasing Soon!

Well, we’re a few days out (hopefully, pending the fix of a rather major crash bug) from the release of Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 360, that 360-exclusive songs custom disc I had planned and mostly finished weeks back. It’s currently compressing and getting ready to be tested. I’ve spent maybe the past 24 hours trying to polish the everloving fuck out of it. Getting text stuff fixed, mix stuff fixed, save stuff in the PS2 BIOS fixed, the whole ball of wax.

Have a splash screen, courtesy of everyone’s new favorite artist guy in MiloHax. (I originally had my own splash and main menu in mind, but…he can PhotoShop better than I can, and I was kind of a dick about it. Happens.)

The new GHE:360 splash screen
I’m letting the guy who made it have first dibs as an apology. Scott and some other people will get copies soon too, I’m sure.

These projects are all kind of a blur at this point. Mostly just trying to keep busy and also keep from getting too distant from, uh, everything and everyone. Would like to have that Nirvana boxset finished before the recap too. I’m pretty sure I’ll also have that Colton story done in the next ten days or so too. This might be one I carry, just because I’ve got so much going on. Will have to ask the lads.

Caby and I are gonna call tonight! Trying to get back into that habit. We’ll probably play Furdew as a way to keep that at least in the back of our minds. She’s damn close to having all the sprites done, and I was just going through townie text the other day, trying to weed out all the times people talk about humanity and hair and other such things furries don’t have. Gotta preserve the illusion, you know?

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