“Sort of like if Queens of the Stone Age were fronted by a total wuss”

You know, when I said “fucking everything must be released”, I meant it. Even the stuff that I’ve had sitting around for like four goddamn years:

Interview transcripts I've had sitting around for four years or so
Whoops. This is perhaps the oldest “modern” Cammy project to be realized.

Yes, the final bit of the original Misery Inspires (remember that thing?) mission statement has been realized–the interview archive! There’s material dating back to 2006 in there at current, and 29 pieces in total. Some are really cliche band history interviews, some are more about recording and gear, and others are totally off-topic and showcase more of the band’s personality than anything else.

Think it’s that last category I like the most. The two that come to my mind: the very caffeinated full-band interview for Better Nature, and the one where Chris trespasses in other teams’ stadiums all across the US just so he can show off how big of a Lakers fan he is. Just amuses me for some reason. Also, the interview they did with the Food Republic reminds me just how utterly philistine my palate is.

Christopher Guanlao in the enemy's territory
Would you fuck with this man? I wouldn’t fuck with this man.

But yeah, back in 2016, I initially imagined Misery Inspires as a Silversun Pickups version of the Foo Archive, the kinda hoardy fansite that you spend a week reading everything on because there’s so much there. Since it’d easily take the most effort of any of the features, I deferred it when I finally launched last year. Unfortunately, the site was kinda empty without it, and it just sat for the longest time because I was busy with other things.

At long last though, the site’s got its last major intended feature, and NoFEMBR claims another head. Notes from its construction: couldn’t use everything I had saved for lack of links, sources, and dates, thanks 2016 Cammy. (I kept the text files for those.) WebP is the image format of people who smell. I’m hoping none of these blogs and newspapers have an issue with me copying some random shit from their archives.

One of Misery Inspires' many archived interviews

Honestly, it’s a weird feeling. I have so many different projects, and I get reminded of that fact every time I update Tesserae or I update Misery Inspires, one of the smaller ones. I don’t know if there is an endgame to either one–certainly not for a while yet. That’s what drives me in life, ultimately. Completion. I enjoy the thrill of chasing it down, but what really satisfies me is having that head on my wall. That’s what the month’s been all about, really, and my word, it’s been a rousing success.

(The batshit quote in the title comes, fittingly, from vegans.)

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