Salutations, visitor...

It's a pleasure for you to stop by. Coat rack's over there, to your left. It gets awful cold out there, so remember not to forget it on your way out.

I'm dcb. I've lived here in the peaks for as long as I can remember. This cottage has been around much longer than I have; I've just been keeping it up to snuff. And while I don't have much of a grand story to tell about it, it's comfortable.

As for what I do here, I could say either too much or too little. Most days, I listen to cassettes and program the Packard Bell. This stuff came far away from Neopia, so it's alright if you don't recognize it-- where it's all from, I can't say. I can only tell you that things aren't what they seem, and there could be another world than the one we know of.

I tend to poke at Neopian history a lot to find that some things don't add up, like how Neopet colours just pop up out of nowhere. I'm still doing research, but it's still under wraps.. in case any Neopian overlords find out.