Hey there, name's Caby. I'm a cloud gnorbu originating from Brightvale, a kingdom known for a love of knowledge and ornate glass windows. I myself am more into adventure! I'm a natural wanderer with a love of all things floral and lush, and I'm commonly seen out and about with my friends, looking for neat places to explore.

I'm seen especially often with a certain desert lutari...

When I'm not wandering off on adventures with friends, I'm usually doodling, I'm a big fan of art. I draw mostly petpets but also the plants and flowers that surround me. It's a way to store good memories, one might say.

Anywhom! It's good to meet you, you better check out my friends too the first chance you get! mariteaux, dotcomboom, carrotcannibal and monvoyage are waiting for you :3c

- cabysoft