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Guinea pigs?

No, they aren't pigs, and they sure as hell don't originate from Guinea. I think. Guinea pigs are like the bigger, more social versions of hampsters, and I find them absolutely adorable. My obsession of them isn't as apparant as Capy's - but it's there. Trust me.

I happen to currently own two of these bundles of joy.



The youngest of the two, Nico is a strapping young guinea pig that I adopted from the animal shelter late last year. I nicknamed him "squishy peanut" shortly afterwards because he is often pretty relaxed and put together - other guinea pigs I've held in the past seem to tense up when I hold them.

He's also extremely considerate of me whenever I hold him - he's never, er... Relieved himself, per se, while I've held him. He's quite the gentleman. Pig. Gentlepig?



And then there's Gouda - the now-outgoing adopted big brother to Nico. This little - erm, big guy used to be quite the troublemaker. From what we've heard, he never really got along with other guinea pigs - but something seemed to click when he met Nico.

For the first couple months he was pretty squirmy, to the point where he wouldn't even approach us, but around April of this year he seemed to get much better. We're proud of him. But also he slobbers on me after he drinks water and I really need to teach him to stop doing that ew.