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The Jukebox


Currently looping Sebadoh's "Spoiled" demo. After two weeks I still can't get the mechanholy version of the song out of my head...

I’ve always said that music’s a magical thing. Maybe it’s the way it can dramatically convey emotions, or the fact it’s been there for me at times I’ve felt shitty, but whatever it is, I love it. But, for quite a while | don't be afraid to take your time with something like this. It's been 2-3 months I've been working on this list and I'm still not finished.

You have to understand that some bands are nothing but one-hit-wonders - you might like a song from a certain, but that doesn't mean you'll like their whole discography. That's what I was doing wrong. Every time I stumbled across a song I liked, I'd add the entire album to my library, and while it worked for some albums, it didn't with most. That eventually led to some major headaches...

I recently did this thing to revamp my music library - I called it the “50 Album Challenge”, the purpose of it being to refresh my tastes and get me really listening to actual music again. (No, I don't like calling it a challenge. I was making the mistake of finding bops and then just adding the albums the bops belonged to to my library. This amounted to a lot of skipping and headaches and overall frustration… I needed music that I could

Alright, enough of my ramblings. Here's a few things.

A Spotify playlist containing some of my favorite songs.

The "50 Album Challenge". I'll update this periodically.

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