sane today, off-the-rails tomorrow

Oh, gee!


Diddily darn, you found my site! Well, I guess the link-o-roonie is right up there on the bulb's head page... Guess the cat's out of the bag! uwu

Welcome to my corner of the Somnolescent website. To be quite honest, it feels great to finally have a proper webpage up, and on a domain as fine as Somnolescent's as well. It's a good upgrade from my old neocities site that I lazily put together with Word.

While you're here, you should explore beyond the homepage of my site - I've spent the last few weeks working on it. If you have time, come and check out my posts on the Somnolescent blog, as well! At the time of writing I should only have the "Site Launch" post up, but keep an eye out for some ramblings, stories, and little updates on things I've been working on. Stay tuned!

See you around!