sane today, off-the-rails tomorrow



Hi, I'm mon. I like Tab, Daria, and long walks on the beach.

There's not much to day about me, really. 8 years ago I discovered the internet through a magical service called Flipnote Hatena, shortly after I recieved my first computer, (which was unbearably slow but it was all I had,) skip ahead a few years and I land on the site of Neocities with an iBook G4 and meet my now good pal Mariteaux.

He decided to ditch Neocities for many reasons, one being that he didn't like the owner because of how little work he put into the "platform", another being he wanted to put Somnolescent's new Domain to good use.

And now I'm here, accompained by my somewhat trusty hacked-together and high-maintenance Late 2009 white plastic Unibody MacBook. Let's hope to god I get a new one eventually.

See you around.