"Exclusive Interview With Christopher Guanlao" (ARTISTdirect)

by ARTISTdirect on July 17. 2006
from https://www.artistdirect.com/silversun-pickups/news/exclusive-interview-with-christopher-guanlao-from-the-silversun-pickups/106932

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L.A.'s Silversun Pickups are back with another inspiring set of songs featuring their patented sound: distorted guitars, delicate melodies, hypnotic, left-of-center rhythms and unvarnished vocals.

Drummer Christopher Guanlao recently stepped up to the plate to take a couple challenges from ARTISTdirect. See how he did...


AD: Beer or Wine?

CG: Jameson.

AD: On the rocks or straight-Up?

CG: On the rocks.

AD: Pizza or sushi?

CG: My naughty side says pizza, but my healthy side says sushi.

AD: Corn or Flour?

CG: Flour.

AD: The Onion or The Simpsons?

CG: Isn't the world big enough for both?

AD: Ashley or Jessica?

CG: ...Seriously?

AD: Hot or Cold?

CG: Icy to dull the pain, hot to relax it away.

AD: Sunrise or Sunset?

CG: Before sunrise and after sunset.

AD: Beatles or Stones?

CG: Isn't the world big enough for both?

AD: Roth or Haggar?

CG: Roth

AD: The Replacements or Husker Du?

CG: Isn't the world...ugh. fine. The Replacements.

AD: Pixies or Pavement?

CG: You're killing me here!

AD: Recording or performing?

CG: Isn't recording a performance? And sometimes performances are recorded. Hmmm. Makes you think, doesn't it...


Classify your music in a genre. What would it be?

CG: Indie rock

Tell us your influences. Who would they be?

CG: Pixies, Pavement, Beatles, Stones, Roth, The Replacements

Cover a song by Bon Jovi. Which one?

CG: "Wanted Dead or Alive"

Order food from Wendy's. What do you order?

CG: Frosty

Live in one city forever. Which city?


Drink only one beer. Which beer?

CG: Newcastle

Play only one venue. Which one?

CG: Spaceland

Pick a favorite song on your new record. Which one?

CG: Common Reactor

Pick a cover song that could've appeared on the record. Which song?

CG: "Shadowplay" by Joy Division

Pick your dream band to open for (past or present). Who would it be?

CG: If the Pixies, Pavement, Beatles, Stones, David Lee Roth and The Replacements started a jam band, we would love to open for them.

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