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The Tripwire Sessions: Live in Chicago / Seasick / Let it Decay/Working Title

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"Kissing Families"/"All the Coyotes"

# Name Length Preview
1A Kissing Families 5:29 Listen
2B All the Coyotes ?

Split single with Pine Marten, Joe's former band. The Pickups contributed "Kissing Families" while Pine Marten contributed "All the Coyotes". Limited to 500 copies on orange 7" vinyl.

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Sunset Junction Demos

# Name Length Preview
1 Well Thought Out Twinkles 5:17 Listen
2 Dream at Tempo 119 6:05 Listen
3 Kissing Families 5:29 Listen
4 The Fuzz 6:14 Listen
5 Lazy Eye 7:22 Listen
6 Little Lover's So Polite 5:49 Listen
# Others? ?

Formally untitled. This one was sold at Sunset Junction 2003, which the band took part in, and also reportedly at the band's merch table at Spaceland and at some of their other early live shows.

I have some personal notes under a cut, plus a place to download the EP in lossless:

Sunset Junction Demos Notes
  • This was lossy from the band themselves, unfortunately. Even the recently upgraded FLAC rip is lossy. The band was burning MP3s to CD-Rs and unless Aaron Espinoza or whoever owns the master tapes (assuming they still exist) wants to give us clean from the reel upgrades, this is the best we've got.
  • It's been reported that 18 songs were recorded in all and each copy had a different bonus track. I now have one of these, the early "Little Lover's So Polite".
  • These were not recorded all in the same sitting. The "Kissing Families" was recorded in January 2002, and I suspect others were mostly done in 2003. It's definitely Chris' drums on the other tracks, but Joe isn't on this demo, so it certainly predates his entry into the band.

You can download a FLAC copy of the demo on the Internet Archive. All credit to lagosianmethod on Discord for providing the rip, this is just my mirror of it. I've also separately uploaded the "Little Lover's" from the demo; I don't have this in lossless, just a 192kbps MP3 transcode. Still, this version had not surfaced until I shared it, so I'll continue to share it.

This demo came in two different album art variants, one being the Sunset Junction sign, and the other being what looks to be a view of Los Angeles from a rooftop with the colors inverted. Both came on novelty Verbatim "vinyl" CD-Rs.

The alternate Sunset Junction Demos cover art and CD-R
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Demo EP

# Name Length Preview
1 Dream at Tempo 119 5:43 Listen
2 Kissing Families 5:03 Listen
3 Booksmart Devil 4:58 Listen
4 Lazy Eye 7:28 Listen

Formally untitled. "Kissing Families" and "Booksmart Devil" are the same versions as on Pikul, only unmastered. "Dream at Tempo 119" and "Lazy Eye" are earlier takes with different arrangements and scratch vocals.

We don't yet have a FLAC rip of this EP, but I've reuploaded my MP3 version to the Internet Archive. VBR V2. This one definitely sounds cleaner than the Sunset Junction Demos, and comparing the "Lazy Eye" to the same version that's on the Intravenous Records sampler, I think this was sourced from lossless. It's been a while since I heard it, but there's not much offensive to my ears. (Not that a FLAC upgrade wouldn't be much appreciated—hint hint, mariteaux@somnolescent.net if you got it.)

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# Name Length Preview
1 Kissing Families 4:51 Listen
2 Comeback kid 4:10 Listen
3 Booksmart Devil 4:26 Listen
4 The Fuzz 5:55 Listen
5 Creation Lake 3:44 Listen
6 ...All the Go-Inbetweens 7:50 Listen
7 Sci-Fi Lullaby 5:00 Listen

"Sci-Fi Lullaby" is a hidden track on the vinyl and CD releases.

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The Tripwire Session: Live in Chicago

# Name Length Preview
1 Future Foe Scenarios 5:07 Listen
2 Well Thought Out Twinkles 3:52 Listen
3 Comeback Kid 3:59 Listen
4 Dream at Tempo 119 4:25 Listen

Came with copies of Carnavas sold in independent record stores. Recorded for thetripwire.com, a now-defunct music tastemaker rag, on August 14, 2006.

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# Name Length Preview
1A Seasick 6:45 Listen
2B Broken Bottles 3:44 Listen
3B Ribbons & Detours 3:27 Listen

Three outtakes from the Swoon sessions. Released for Record Store Day's 2011 "Back to Black Friday" event. Available on 10" and digitally, with the vinyl limited to 2,500 copies.

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Let it Decay/Working Title

# Name Length Preview
1A Let it Decay 3:36 Listen
2B Working Title 4:40 Listen

Released for Record Store Day's 2013 Black Friday event. Limited to 3,000 copies on 10" black vinyl.

"Let it Decay" was recorded in the same session that yielded "Cannibal", later released on The Singles Collection, while "Working Title" is a Neck of the Woods outtake.

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