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Previews are in Opus format and requires a relatively modern browser to play. For brevity, only compilations with exclusive songs or unique versions of songs (live versions, demos, instrumentals, etc.) will be covered. A full list of compilation appearances, no matter how mundane, can be found on Discogs.

The Fold Compilation

# Name Length Preview
1-14 Rusted Wheel 5:32 Listen

A two-disc collection of bands who played the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles (though not necessarily L.A. bands—Metric appears, and they're Canadian). Named for the former booking company of the venue, The Fold. Good set. Recommended for adventurous indie fans. I reviewed this one as part of my Rediscovering series of album reviews.

Silversun Pickups contribute an early acoustic full-band version of "Rusted Wheel", frequently referred to as the "demo version" of "Rusted Wheel". Information on who exactly performs on this cut is scarce, and I don't know where or when it was recorded and who it was recorded with. As such, I'm guessing partially based on what I hear in the recording. The liner notes thank Brian specifically for the track. Unfortunately, this one has some pretty ragged lossy MP2 compression artifacting on it, even straight from the CD. Gliss' track is also sourced from lossy—poor showing, all of you!

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Intravenous Records Volume 1: L.A.'s Rising Scene 2004

# Name Length Preview
8 Lazy Eye 6:46 Listen

A label sampler of various bands associated with the independent Aeronaut Records in L.A.—Intravenous Records were a short-lived imprint of Aeronaut, as far as I can tell. Silversun Pickups are credited as The Silversun Pickups. Presumably, they appeared on here because of the label shopping the band was doing prior to signing with Dangerbird, and Aeronaut were either just fans of the band or looking to sign them.

The version of "Lazy Eye" is the same as on the 2004 demo EP. This version fades in during the guitar intro and fades out the ambient noise that ends the EP off. While lossless (unlike the copy of the demo EP we currently have), the entire sampler is unfortunately marred by the one of the worst loudness war-inspired mastering jobs I've ever heard. "Lazy Eye" clocks in at an RMS of -7.6db. The mix, on the other hand, seems the same as the one on the demo EP, and the performance is identical.

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Songs From the Ship

# Name Length Preview
7 Lazy Eye ? Listen

Various Ship bands, including exclusive material from them! Silversun Pickups appear as silversun pickups.

While my initial copy of this one (what you see up there) was missing the CD, I know anecdotally that the version of "Lazy Eye" is the same version as on the Sunset Junction demos, just "mixed and mastered more cleanly" (I take it they mean either properly lossless, with a new mix by Brian Thornell, who mastered the compilation, or both). I won't know until I listen to it, but I've got a line on another copy thanks to none other than Aaron Espinoza himself, who still runs the Ship operation to this day (and responds promptly to emails!). I'll update as more information's available to me.

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Album & Instrumentals

# Name Length Preview
1-7 Lazy Eye [Bentley Remix] 6:05
1-8 Well Thought Out Twinkles [Radio Edit] 4:04 Listen
2-7 Lazy Eye [instrumental] 6:05
2-8 Well Thought Out Twinkles [instrumental] 4:21

A label sampler for various Dangerbird bands, including Sea Wolf and Silversun Pickups. The first disc is vocal cuts, the second disc is all instrumentals.

"Lazy Eye" features in a remixed version, "Well Thought Out Twinkles" appears shortened. Both instrumentals are of the full album cuts.

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Give Listen Help Volume 5

# Name Length Preview
2-1 Table Scraps 6:09 Listen

Give Listen Help was a series of compilations put together by Filter Magazine and Urban Outfitters for charity, often cancer research or disaster relief. Volume 5 went to benefit the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, for research into child cancer and to upgrade their facilities.

"Table Scraps" was recorded during the Carnavas sessions.

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Live @ The Live Lounge Vol. 2

# Name Length Preview
3 Panic Switch ?

Various bands recorded live for Ottawa, Ontario radio station LIVE 88.5 during their various radio shows. Silversun Pickups appeared on a show called "Intimate Experience" on October 14, 2009, so presumably, it was an acoustic show.

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97x Green Room Volume 6

# Name Length Preview
1 The Royal We ?

Various acoustic sets played by bands for 97X in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Original Television Soundtrack: The Vampire Diaries

# Name Length Preview
3 Currency of Love 5:29 Listen

Music contributed to the TV show The Vampire Diaries. "Currency of Love" recorded during the Swoon sessions.

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The Singles Collection

# Name Length Preview
1 Kissing Families 4:51 Listen
2 Lazy Eye 5:54 Listen
3 Well Thought Out Twinkles 4:02 Listen
4 Little Lover's So Polite 4:58 Listen
5 Panic Switch 5:44 Listen
6 Substitution 4:41 Listen
7 The Royal We 4:47 Listen
8 Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) 5:10 Listen
9 The Pit 4:41 Listen
10 Dots and Dashes (Enough Already) 5:08 Listen
11 Cannibal 3:44 Listen
12 Devil's Cup 3:02 Listen

A "greatest hits" boxset from the band's first three records, Carnavas, Swoon, and Neck of the Woods, plus Pikul. Includes two exclusive tracks, "Cannibal" (recorded for The Singles Collection), and "Devil's Cup", a Swoon outtake that's exclusive to the vinyl release of the boxset.

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