Wasn't online for a while, but had a fun time watching some videos, mainly documentaries. Recently also playing ancient game (running for 25 years straight now, whoa) Furcadia which I wanted to play for a good while since I found out about it around 7-8 years ago on blog of my old friend.

I sorted some pages that in fact were finished but were stuck in the "unfinished" folder, were cleaned and now are up. Junk section is back and mixtapes got a new place, after blog was sunset.

With less of time being online, I hope to work on some pages I wanted to make and make some illustration for index page of journal and updates page. I guess this will be similar to theme used on archive, similar crunchy thick lines but less of box motif I think.


just new daily (i suppose?) header. Some links on about page are changed (Escargot modernization is pretty sick) or removed (press F for sheezy.art). Will be updating headers way more often since I kinda want to make more of them, also I should look into managing fonts on Mac OS9 and play with period appropriate software. Though I'm too used to GIMP, it got literally everything I need.


new header, I'm starting to believe hassle with these stock photo packs is worth time, since I could find some really helpful reference images. Still got around 20 to go, still cleaning up some and making crunched versions for preview since some are pretty big, especially digital ones from mid 00s, the very end of stock photo CD era I guess.

Hoping to make a special gallery page for these headers soon, when I'll collect more of them.


Started to slowly replace v4 pages with new, tempomary ones (or maybe they'll be pernament, we'll see). New about page is up, re-wrote some parts and some new places to find me got listed.


Happy New Year, lads. Moved last year's updates to a convenient archive, I'll be regularly moving updates from here since it after a while gets too long.

Blog was sunset, same with my short lived one powered by Blogger. All posts were imported, thing later was downloaded by wget and I just reuploaded pages. Would go and fix images to get rid of WP generated resizes, but it's good enough for now. Less moving files, no need for more https and I just grown tired of blog format.

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