01 / this place

Since blog was sunset, I needed a place to move my mixtapes and have a place to publish them. Layout for this page was made in mid 2021, but wasn't used until now. Exeriments with horizontal scrolling again, guess now I'm fed up with it but at that time it was pretty fun.

There's a possibility that every mixtape will have own little page with tracklists and own layout, containing a small ramble about track selection, theme, generally anything related to it. For now I'm focusing on other things, it will wait a bit for current ones, but with new mixtapes probably this will be the case that new page goes up with new mixtape.

02 / tapes

[001] / It's end of the century, isn't it?
Favourites of 1999. Download in FLAC or AAC.
[002] / Changes coming
Favourites of 2002. Download in FLAC or AAC.

03 / notes

/image Header image artwork heavily inspired by John Squire's artwork for Stone Roses' single "Begging You".

/image Background image based on photo by sillysocks on Flickr

/idea somewhat borrowed from ancient world mixtape project. Not the same but sort of similar spirit, because I'd like to do some collaborative mixtapes in future. Sending each other tapes would be more fun, maybe in the future.

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