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Slightly updated, removed sites that are down. Hoping to work on proper link section here, but also on soon to be alive devon.somnol pretty soon, since amount of stuff I got to go through is huge. Added some people's sites I found fun and interesting too, instead just keeping almost dead sites (kinda sad links page, I believe).

Fun people from the web (mainly NC for now)
Occasionally, content
Art and writing, beautiful black and white art and I appreciate huge use of illustration in layouts.
Art gallery and interesting art journal documenting journey through art creation and improvement.
Huge art gallery, cool art style.
Lots of cute art and a journal, very cozy site.
Pretty 00s inspired layout with modern twist and some more techy stuff.

Fansites, archives, bootleg trading and even official sites.

Veikko's Blur page
A classic Blur website with extensive coverage of their discography. Lyrics, band information and pictures (featuring a good amount of magazine covers).
Saint Etienne Disco
Constanly updated Saint Etienne discography site, probably most complete on the web. Also features news about band and their other projects.
Most famous for it's comprehensive FAQ, one of last sites surviving that were related to Xltronic message boards (still alive though, they got a good amount of regulars). Links page is down since .cgi script powering it is down, but Wayback archived lot of these redirects.
pjh.org / PJ Harvey online
pjh.org used to be one of biggest PJ Harvey websites back in 90s, but it quickly came to end. Functioning at this domain from 1996 to 2000, it collected a good amount of news, interviews and article transcipts, lyrics and other stuff.
Hyperreal newtork
Seminal website related to entirety of electronic music. Articles, archives of sites and mailing list (like Detroit techno focused 313 or IDM mailing list) and promotional site for Modulations documentary
Site containing track listings for BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix programme, for most of it's run. Covering years 1993 to 2009, so 16 years of history of radio show which truly embraced electronic music and it's culture.
Acrylic Afternoons
Not a huge fan of Pulp, but Acrylic Afternoons does a great job. Press section is impressive.
Previous location of Radiohead fansite which later was located on fitterhappier.org (now defunct). Lots of information and truly a time capsule of early 00s web design trends originating in early blog/fanlisting scenes, even a vintage Blogger installation.
Cup of Tea records discography
Site compiling releases from Bristol based defunct Trip-hop/Downtempo label.
Always on the Run
Often updated website featuring lyrics of over 450 artists, chosen by webmaster.
rtsr board of trade
Underworld bootleg trading page.
System 7
Official web page for System 7, one of pioneering Ambient House acts.
Archive of some contents from long defunct bjorkish fansite, Q & A section probably from Bjork's unity (Ulitimate Intimate combined with official site) and restorations of album and single pages.
Eye candy

Pretty sites that are neat to look at(and take inspiration from)

threeOH used to be sort of graphic design related website which also covered some music. Ran from 1999 to around 2005, site features re-upload of version of site from 2001.
Absolute classic, now defunct k10k was one of most imporant web art/design portals of it's era. It's layouts were often featured in many web design books and it was huge influence on early 00s web design trends.
Australian Infront
Portal similar to kaliber10k, though focused on Australian graphic design community. Unfortunately defuct since 2019.
Blogs, ancient and sometimes newer ones
Before it became another typical internet music publication, stereogum was early mp3 blog. A relic of past when blog were short-form link sharing. Also putting it because it got a nice layout.
Tanya Headon's I Hate Music
Satiric or pretentional (choose one that fits you) column that was published on Freaky Tigger (still running, though less often updated) about as title says, hating music.
The Look
There was a phenomenon of late 00s which vanished quickly and it was blog tie in, usually for books. Paul Gorman's book The Look also had one and on it's own is still nice source of information of 60s and 70s fashion related to music subcultures, especially early punk and works of Vivienne Westwood.
Other stuff, not enough for own category

Random sites from top of my head, will be moved into other sections when I'll sort link hoard and find more of them.

Director File - Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham is probably most creative to come out from so called director era of 90s. From disturbing videos for IDM acts like Aphex Twin or Squarepusher, famous Bjork's and Madonna's videos to lesser known projects of his, like short films and adverts.
The work of Michel Gondry
Videography of Michel Gondry, another known director from same era, up to 2002.