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Open images in new tab to see them less blurry, in full .gif crunchiness. Collection of every header so far and all were fun to make, finally getting own place here.


First header I did for new iteration of the site, using a photo of Beth Orton (really, check out her music, that's some really god downtempo with folky vibe and she's incredibly underrated) from basically very first issue of my beloved proto-hipster rag, Sleazenation. Slapped some lyrics from one of Beth's songs, Stolen Car and also photo split in three parts here was basis to make my current three column layout on homepage.


This one was made on same day as previous, but was posted on another day. I scanned a nice photo I liked from one of books I got while ago, HD Holland Design which is a pretty thick showcase of graphic design from Netherlands from turn of the millennium. Slapped some symbols from old splash page from June or July, since they fitted general, uhh... package mood? Liked customs sticker from Royal Mail, after censoring adress of seller it got here too. Rest is usual rambling, Tahoma at 10px (it's pure early 00s web design staple, after it Silkscreen which I used extensively before).


Wonderland (1999) was a beautiful movie, possibly my favourite one for now. Take on Chungking Express that got substance and nice plot, loved how grainy and moody footage was. Some assembled type from old shitty Letraset scans for which I went looking after stumbling at old specimens of Lineto fonts, which were take on old Letraset type sheets. Additional GIF nastniess not intended, but appreciated.


Loved this photo and how green lights looked in that window, so when I just came back to home it happenned. Usual stuff, Univers Bold Condensed but also Braille font about which I forgot that I had it installed, did some experiements with it as type element while ago though.


Some collage I did around Christmas, since I was thinking about early Sleazenation magazine again. Esepcially opening page, I think about this quote that ended on header a lot. Assembled from illustration from this issue and club listings (basically what mostly this magazine was back them) and scribbles I found nice while ago when making random fake album cover.


First header in New Year. Some random stock photo I found while digging stock photo CDs dumps I hoarded and lyrics from Hooverphonic song I like a lot. Add some arrows and shit, you have some IDM album cover or like Cammy said, some Radiohead single.

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