picture matfloor.net / art

A gallery of my creations, ranging from amateur graphic design, illustration and photography (for now). Old, pre-December 2021 art can be found at archive since moving it to new iteration of site is just pointless and too much of work. Old links I broken now are redirected to archive.

Previous headers, December 2021 - January 2022
Various graphic design experiments since re-launch of site, replaceable headers that don't break the layout if you change it are big fun and good field to test various ideas.
Recent photos, December 2021
A few random photos from past month.
Art archive
Self-explainable, anything that was up in this section of site before big purge now is here. Due to dense pages, I just don't bring them to v5 (guess it's v5 indeed) since it will waste more time which I can use way better (to fill this page more).