Start again? / 16:07:21

Yes. As site became mess while ago, with constant additions of new sections tucked somewhere I wanted to strip all of this down, leaving only main parts of site that will be updated - so Art Gallery for an example. Last layout was nice, really gave the feel of 00s personal blog, but pretty much I was tired of working around tables. Maybe that's the way I'm going almost layout-less (minimal styling and sometimes a header though). For sure this will be enough to time when I'll get inspired again because I don't feel inspiration like I did before. Clean, a bit bland, maybe even brutalist (well, what's called brutalist web design nowdays is terrible) but it's OK.

Updated art gallery - some medicore stuff from past 5 months is available for viewing. Check blog sometimes, about to use it more. Some reorganization going on here too, but posts will be back soon. /