It's my little corner of the net where I like to dump things I've made over the years. A lot of stuff will appear here, so take a look trough pages. More regular updates on blog and more on main about page.


20:12:20 Completely new layout for new year, update about this up too.

14:11:20 Tempomary html blog is up, some things will be moved into main WP blog in the future.

12:10:20 Gallery split into separate pages, added some new and older artwork.

05:09:20 New layout done.



Thought I won't write this update, but here we go. Supposed to be on blog, but I now want to keep site specific updates here. Wrote a little thing about it on layouts page already, but wanted to talk a bit more about this.

Decided to finish and upload this new version of site before I planned since this ting needed to be done before new year. It burnt out me for a longer while after completing most of stuff that had to be done - light version of layout almost drove me insane, but finished it anyway. I want to have time for more fun stuff now, don't think about my internet presence for a while.

To be honest, deciding now new layout will look was quite hard thing for me. Too many ideas and I couldn't execute a lot of them. It was supposed to be done in next year when I still wanted to heavily feature isometric pixel art, especially cityscapes on site. Lot of work and I didn't really had idea for these parts. As I was digging around sites on Web Design Musueum and I stumbled upon this early 00s design portal. Sort of rip off with colors and three column layout, though this one I'm linking it's way more impressive.

There are headers in Silkscreen, omnipresent in early 00s web. Cut corners are taken from some graphic design from same era, I think The Designers Republic? Not sure, maybe other few sites I found had similar motif. Closely kerned Helvetica Black is also inspired by TDR and one layout I wanted to make real a long while ago. Navigation now is contained in dropdown list (thanks mari), pretty underappreciated element. Way more convenient than header that I used for navigation, I can easily add new sections of site and have it more easily linked. Also Antipixel buttons for validation, glad I found how these are called and digged out huge collection of them.

I don't think site will get any more updates for now - probably again after New Year, since I need a break. Just to have a good rest which will help me to fullfill what I want to do soon.

Merry Christmas for all. Hoping this will be a great time for all of you.

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