And here's where my stories live! I've spent a lot of time and a lot of emotional energy getting comfy with all this (try the entire latter half of 2020), but man, it's paid off. Believe me, I think you'll find a big jump somewhere in the middle if you go binging. At the moment, it's mostly shorter pieces—1,000 to 3,000 words, of a certain...fluffy fantasy bent, generally.

I used to segregate the stories out by world, but things are a bit too scattered at the moment for that. Instead, I'm just putting this in one big, chronological table. Newest stuff at the top, and links to the worlds on where applicable. Some of my older, admittedly weaker stuff is available on the Somnolescent Gopher server for the morbidly curious.

Title Date Finished World
A Fuzzy, Stuffy Stupor November 17, 2020 Pennyverse
Cat comes to check on Seb after his sickly accident on the outskirts of the Valley Cascadia, with...disarmingly loving results.
Delusional October 21, 2020 Pennyverse
Kept awake for days, Arthur investigates something shattering in the garden.
Gonzo the Dissident October 2, 2020 Pennyverse
Colton and the Guardian turn to dream interpretation to find out why Gonzo's such a skittish mess.
Thylacine in the Sea August 22, 2020 Calelira
Deep in a sea cave, a thylacine and his easily-irritated Shaleven escort work their way back to the surface—at any cost.
The Observer December 31, 2019 Pennyverse
On New Year's Eve, Seb meets a strange, peaceful girl—and the peace turns out to be contagious.
The Fatal Commons Incomplete Calelira
A strange library of books about people and a rather unfriendly bookkeeper to go with them. It's up to Felix to find a way out before he learns what he shouldn't.
Kevin's Nachos August 11, 2019 Pennyverse
Kevin goes looking for snacks and adventure in another dimension.
Eternity Together July 20, 2019 One-off
Written for my beloved forest spirit. It's horribly gay and feely, so fair warning~
Told Me So March 2, 2019 Pennyverse
The trio arrives in Apricot Bay and find strangeness around the edges.
Darkpenny January 17, 2019 Pennyverse
An orange kitty goes missing in an old, cruel city and leaves no trace. It's up to her close friends to find her, regardless of who stands in the way.
Future Perfect January 18, 2016 One-off
What if you lived a fantasy world in someone else's head?