Yes, I do have charts! Since this is my main modding gig, I do my best to make sure everything sounds as good as it can (everything includes stems, because charting on mixed audio be yucky) and includes all the nice light shows and animations you could want.

Do note that standalone charts will be removed from download as I use these for discs of various flavors. If that happens, I'll tell you which (usually marfGH) disc you can download to play that chart.

Song Name Artist Type MP Part Download
Passport Please (passport.mid) Microsoft Custom Bass GH2
Souls for Sale Ben Minnotte Custom Rhythm Volume 0
Dope Nose Weezer Rechart
(from Amplitude)
Bass Volume 0 (GH2)
Code Monkey Jonathan Coulton Custom Bass Volume 0
Substitution Silversun Pickups Rechart
(from Power Gig)
Bass Volume 0
Dear Kate Ben Minnotte Custom Rhythm GH2
Graveyard Shift Port/Rechart
(from GH1)
Bass Guitar Hero: Rocks the 360
Trippolette Andrew Buch Port/Rechart
(from GH1)
Bass Guitar Hero: Rocks the 360
Stay Inside Your Station c.layne Custom Bass GH2
Time to Take Out the Trash Brad Sucks Custom Bass GH2
Bang Your Head (Metal Health) Quiet Riot Upgrade/Rechart
(from the GH2 retail
demo and GH:80s)
Bass Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0
Pennyroyal Tea
[early tracking take]
Nirvana Custom Bass GH2

Chart notes

  • "Dear Kate" will crash if inserted into a Guitar Hero II Deluxe disc! It doesn't work right with the way we made lead/rhythm singleplayer work. The chart predates DX and I'd like to remix and also resync it for a later marfGH. As such, it needs to be played in vanilla GH2 for now.
  • "Graveyard Shift" and "Trippolette" feature a split/re-recorded bass stem and charting fixes. They're included with the GH1 Redux setlist of Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0, and they'll also be included in Encore: Rocks the 360 since they match the other GH1 ports on that disc.
  • "Metal Health" is an upgrade that restores the cut solo to the final chart and fixes some of the final's issues with animations, plus overall undercharting fixes. It's in the third tier of Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0's Encore setlist.